Exciting Journey

29 Members

Just a couple of months into our journey with the Wisdom|crew and we have 29 card carrying members. We also have additional Partners who are interested in joining the crew.

L’Oca d’Oro is a great Italian restaurant run by an alumni of the same high school my sons and I went to in Connecticut. I think we will have a serious discount if we agree to come in on Sunday afternoon.

Fuerte Fitness is working with us to find a incentive plan that makes sense for our members.

We’ve been contacted by Dr. Michelle Paris with Whole Family Chiropractors in Mueller. We will work to find some incentives that work for all of us.

A neighbor has graciously donated a card printing machine so we can have real ID Cards for the crew.

We also have our first member who came in unsolicited through the website. Thanks Nancy.

We try to keep remembering that we are all one and in this together.

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