On the Way

We have got eight card holders and will be working to get more as we add Partners to our list.

Current Partner B.D.Riley’s Irish Pub got us started and our outing have been so successful that we have contacted additional businesses in the Mueller development. Here is where we stand.

Colleen’s Kitchen: Ashley has a contract and has met with her team. She says she wants to come up with the right offer.

Stella Public House: Keith has a contract and we will get back with him to see what offer he and his team can put together.

Noon Mediterranean: Spoke briefly with the manager and she says she wants to know more details but will likely join as a Partner.

What other restaurants…or other businesses…do you want to see on the list? It would be great if every retail business in Mueller was able to take part in our efforts to create value for our Wisdom|crew members.

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