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As Mueller continues to grow and the population ages there will be many opportunities to create accommodations for our aging population to form community and stay healthy. One of the ways we can do this is to provide ways the older residents can come together and support the businesses that have taken the bold step to open in our community.

To this end we have created the Wisdom|crew Card. Conceived as a way for older residents to support businesses by patronizing their locations during times that many people cannot or do not; times when both facility and staff are under utilized, and elders have the time to visit and eat, drink or utilize other services.

We started this concept when John Irwin at B. D. Riley’s offered an across the board 25% discount on food and beverage when ordered together. John recognized this is a deep discount for a business that runs on narrow margins. But John was willing to do it during a time that B. D. Riley’s was open and staffed yet normally had very few customers.

The Wisdom Crew meets at B. D. Riley’s every Thursday from 2 pm to 4 pm and can consist of anywhere from 3 to 25 people buying food and beverage. Frequently the Wisdom|crew represents a majority of the customers in the pub.

Our outings to B. D. Riley’s have been so successful that we decided to see if we could find a way to support other businesses in Mueller. We created a “discount card program” called the Wisdom|crew Card. Not limited to residents of Mueller, the Wisdom|crew Card works as follows:

Residents of Mueller and surrounding neighborhoods who are 50 or older are eligible to purchase a card for an annual fee of $20.

Lynn HBusinesses in Mueller can offer a discount on their own terms and at times that are most advantageous to attract “wise” patrons.

The Wisdom|crew issues cards with a photograph to identify the Wisdom|crew member who is eligible to receive the discount under the terms offered.

Click on Partners above to find the terms and conditions for discounts at local merchant partners.