171 Members

We recently had our 171st member sign up for the Wisdom|crew card. Not all of the people who have signed up still live in the neighborhood or are still active. But we do have a cadre of at least 30 that are very active and use the card frequently.

Time to Re-start

It has been a hard time since March 2020, but it looks like we are beginning to get back towards normal. The Wisdom|crew is meeting at B.D.Riley’s again on Thursdays at 2-4 and last week we had about 10 people around two tables on the patio.

If you have gotten your full course of vaccinations please feel free to join us at the pub. If you haven’t then we request that you mask up and practice social distancing. But there is room for you on the patio too.

We have a habit of celebrating each month’s birthdays on one Thursday. This month of May 2021 that will be on Thursday May 26. We have quite a few birthdays to celebrate and we will have cake!

A New Year 2021

Dear Wisdom|crew member,

We are meeting via Zoom every Thursday at 2:00 PM. Meeting can go to 4 but normally break around 3.

Join Zoom Meeting

The women’s group meets via Zoom on Mondays at 2:00 PM

Join Zoom Meeting

The beginning of a new year is always a good time to catch up and check in. This year it seems to be particularly appropriate to check in and take stock of the whole philosophy behind the Wisdom|crew.

What started out in 2017 as a chance to get a “Senior Discount” at one local merchant (Thank you John Irwin of B. D. Riley’s) grew to be something else again. We cast a wide net and 128 people from Mueller and surrounding neighborhoods chipped in $10.00 for a “Wisdom|crew Card”.

From weekly meetings for all members at B. D. Riley’s Irish Pub, a women’s group, a twice weekly walking group the pandemic pushed us into weekly Zoom meetings for a small group of regulars and a small group of women. We missed the annual B. D. Rileys Christmas Party (64 people turned out in 2019).

Now it is time to think about where we all want to go with the Wisdom|crew.

I would like to have an open discussion about opportunities to use our group to “Build Community” which is our Neighborhood Association by line. Wisdom|crew members have been and continue to be active in the governing body of the MNA.

How many of you want a new card?

Discounts: If there is enough demand to continue we will work with our merchants to figure out something post-pandemic to make the card have value.

Gatherings: Restaurants, walking, biking/triking, book club, bridge group, … let me know what makes sense to you…and if you are interested in being the point person for the effort.

One of the things there is some interest for is a “Tool/Services Sharing Library” in the neighborhood. That may be a great way to kick off the next year.

Don’t just delete this message, please respond either positively or otherwise and let’s create the world we want to live in.

Preston “Ty” Tyree and Ani Colt

Starting a New Year

I’ve been remiss about posting to this site. I looked up and it has been months. Lots has been happening.

We are now up to almost 120 people who have signed up to enjoy the benefits of Wisdom|crew membership.

We had a great Holiday party combined with 5 or 6 birthday celebrations. 65 members of the Crew showed up for the event. Thanks to Holly’s ramrodding we raised a record amount to celebrate our regular wait person Ken. We may have paid for a year’s worth of sporting events…he is a long distance runner and those races are expensive especially the marathons. We also collected some food for the food bank. If someone wants to take that on as a regular effort I am sure the food bank would be happy to have the food.

Pete Quoyeser is 90 Years Young and doing well. He let me blow out the candles.

The Women of Wisdom are meeting regularly on Monday’s from 2-4 pm for beverages and talk. If you want to find out more about this group and where they meet you can contact Pam Canales at pam.canales@gmail.com.

The Wisdom Walkers are meeting regularly on Tuesday and Thursday mornings to walk around the lake in Lake Park. The loop is almost precisely one mile and you can always do as many loops as you feel you need. We are now leaving Halcyon at 9:00 am. When it warms up we will move the time to an earlier hour to try and beat the heat. Tom Shim and Carol Hendrickson are the instigators of the Wisdom Walkers. If you want to know more about this group contact Carol Hendrickson at carol.hendrickson@mac.com

One of the things we are hoping to do is to start a podcast with conversations about issues of getting older. We are thinking of calling it A Word to the Wise. We are all doing it (getting older) so we will be talking with lots of people, lots of ages and lots of backgrounds. If you would like to take part in the conversations, sort of like Story Corps, let us know through the contact link on this site.

Remember, the Wisdom|crew card needs to be renewed every year. I’ll be sending out renewal notices for the next set of renewals soon so look for it in your mail box. $10 a year is a bargain for the joy, fun and good food we get at our Partner’s Establishments.

Have a great new year, it is going to be great.!

Summer is Here

We are up to 85 members, and are working to get renewal notices out to those people who have been members for over a year. Our next step is to work with other merchants in the neighborhood and find out is they will work with us to find a mutually satisfactory arrangement.

Here is the current list of partners:

  • B.D.Riley’s: 25% off of food and drink (ordered together) any time!
  • Stella Public House: 10% off non happy hour and 20% off on Tuesdays from 2-4 pm
  • Colleen’s Kitchen: Blue Plate Special, $10.00 for entree and two sides from 1-4 Mon – Thur.
  • Loca D’Ora: 10% off order on Sunday afternoon from 1-5 pm.
  • Fuerte Fitness: 15% off services
  • RejuvaWell: 50% off x-rays and exams at Whole Family Chiropractors and 15% of services at RejuvaWell from 2-5pm on Wed-Fri.

So what merchants would you like to see on this list. Do you have contacts? Let us know.

Stay hydrated, the summer is going to be hot and humid.