Quiet at B. D. Riley’s

Welcome to Wisdom|crew! Hope you will find a group you can connect with.

Here are some informal Wisdom|groups that you may want to check out!

Lunch at B. D. Riley’s

Every Thursday from 2 to 4 pm.

Women of Wisdom

Every Monday afternoon from 2:00 pm until we decide to quit

Walking Groups

This group is walking on Tuesday and Friday mornings beginning at 9:00 am. The start is at Halcyon on Simond at the Paseo. Generally walk and talk for about two miles.

If you want to start a group to walk at different times go to the contact page and leave us a message.


This is a casual writing group, working to capture those thoughts and stories we all have. Based on a structured plan (cost $15 – $35) that provide 52 lessons to help you to think and write. We will come together on a regular basis to talk about writing and share our thoughts.